Wednesday 5th March 2014 Art Walk Schedule

5.30pm Howard Assembly Room Hy Brasil: The isle is full of noises
6.00pm Henry Moore Institute Vladimir and Georgil Sternberg: Construction for a Spatial Structure VI (‘KPS6’, 1919/73)
6.30pm Leeds Art Gallery Bruce Maclean: Beyond the Pose
7.00pm Leeds Art Gallery Amelia Crouch: A Parlay
Meet outside Howard Assembly Room at 5.30pm or join us at any venues along the way.
The Leeds Art Walk takes place the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all, no booking necessary.  Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance if required.

Contact or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions

Hy Brasil : The isle is full of noises

Hy Brasil is a mysterious, enchanted island, hidden in fog somewhere off the coast of Ireland. It reveals itself to human eye and ear just one day every seven years. This specially commissioned work by sound artist Chris Watson (BBC TV’s award-winning Frozen Planet), brings that day on Hy Brasil to life in an immersive sound installation.

Hy Brasil is composed of compelling wildlife sounds from around the world, drawing visitors deep into the haunting song of seals and the awe-inspiring shrieks of thousands of Manx shearwaters. With glorious ambi-sonic sound and beautiful lighting, lose yourself in the strange and magical world of Hy Brasil.


Construction for a spatial Structure VI (‘KPS6’, 1919/73)

Trained engineers, the Stenberg brothers (1899-1982 / 1900-33) were central to the Russian Constructivist movement. Their achievements included designing theatre sets, women’s shoes, posters for the films of Sergei Eisenstein and, in 1947, Vladimir designed the May Day decorations for Red Square. This display presents a 1973 reconstruction of the lost 1919 sculptural prototype for a building, known as ‘KPS6’, or ‘Construction for a Spatial Structure VI’. Related archival material shows the brothers’ important role in the Moscow avant-garde on the 1920s, tracing this sculpture’s continued influence since its original showing at Moscow’s Poet’s Cafe in January 1922.


Beyond the Pose

Bruce McLean is a sculptor who makes work that draws on a variety of media from live art, film, photography, painting and sculpture, dispensing with categories of definition as it moves across media, carried by an interdisciplinary, riotous imagination. The exhibition draws upon work made by Bruce McLean over 50 years but through the prism of new and recent work. Introducing his work to audiences not familiar with his distinctive, irreverent voice and providing new perspectives by creating surprising junctures between earlier and new work, it shows McLean to be an artist who, frequently joining forces with others, consistently breaks rules, and permits audiences to experience work that disrupts disciplines and breaches borders.


A Parlay

A Parlay is a new artists’ book and the outcome of a project exploring art, value and utility by Art walk co-leader Amelia Crouch. The book is being launched at Leeds Art Gallery to coincide with the Art Walk. The project began with a single artwork – the sculpture ‘Atom Body Was Light’ (1964) by Liliane Lijn – that forms part of Leeds Art Gallery’s collection. Amelia held a series of conversations with individuals using the sculpture as a point of departure. Content from the conversations has been selected, edited and manipulated to produce this new artwork.


Wednesday 5 February 2014 Art Walk schedule

5.30pm Village Bookstore & Gallery Our House
6.00pm & Model Crossing Lines
6.45pm The Tetley The Reversing Machine
Meet outside the Corn Exchange at 5.30pm or join us at any venues along the way.
The Leeds Art Walk takes place the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all, no booking necessary.  Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance if required.

Contact or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions:
Our House
OUR HOUSE is a multi disciplinary exhibition curated by SPUR featuring artists from Leeds, London, America and The Netherlands creating a physical intervention that seeks to subliminally take control of the space.

Launching on the same night, SPUR’S second publication ‘Collection Of’. The publication includes 13 editioned artist prints, a cassette, and a text based zine, featuring the work of local and international artists

Crossing Lines
The sixteen artists presented by Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hanz Hancock in Crossing Lines all share reductive, formal, or non-objective approaches to image making. With roots in early 20th century Modernism, reductive abstraction has long been a strong undercurrent running counter to the dominant conceptual movements of the last thirty years or more. The early 21st century has seen a return to and re- examination of the non-objective in contemporary art, and this exhibition is situated within the context of that renewed interest.

The artists in Crossing Lines, some already internationally established and some newly emerging, all make work that explores the continuing relevance and potential of the non-objective image.

Additionally, in a number of Parallel Lines of enquiry, &Model has introduced additional works alongside and amongst the Crossing Lines exhibition, acting as an ‘interruption’, a re-framing device that extends the context.

The Reversing Machine

The Reversing Machine is an exhibition designed by artists Sam Belinfante and Simon Lewandowski. At the exhibition’s core is the machine itself; a self-reversing mechanical power source.  Any object attached will turn at a steady rate for a set time, then stop and be set into reverse – a mechanical palindrome.

Commissioned by Art Laboratory Berlin in 2012, the machine has expanded into an ongoing research project. For their contribution to A New Reality at The Tetley, Belinfante and Lewandowski reconstruct this collective work, incorporating fresh elements in response to the new venue. They have also developed individual works which reflect on their collaboration and on the concerns that generated The Reversing Machine. These include Accordion a new two-part film by Belinfante shot on 16mm film and SETTER a palindromic multiple by Lewandowski.

Wednesday 4 December 2013 Art Walk schedule

5.30pm Leeds Art Gallery Art and Life
6.00pm Henry Moore Institute Dennis Oppenheim: Thought Collision Factories
6.45pm The Tetley A New Reality/Fear of the Surplus
Meet at Leeds Art Gallery at 5.30pm or join us at any of the venues along the way.
The Leeds Art Walk takes place the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all, no booking necessary.  Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance if required.
Contact or 0113 343 2718

More on the exhibitions
Art and Life
A major international exhibition of work from two of the UK’s most important 20th Century painters, Ben and Winifred Nicholson. ‘Art and Life’ examines their work both individually and in collaboration with friends and fellow artists Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis, and the potter William Staite Murray.  The exhibition has been curated in collaboration with art historian and curator Jovan Nicholson, Winifred and Ben’s grandson, giving unique access and insight into the archive, history and work of the artists and will show key pieces from public and private collections in the UK as well as loans from Europe.
Dennis Oppenheim: Thought Collision Factories
Dennis Oppenheim (1938-2011) initiated sculptural events in a quest to make ideas material. He was a pioneer of new thinking in sculpture and over five decades produced sculptures that took the form of actions, performances, installations, film and architecture. Spanning 1972 to 1986, Thought Collision Factories investigates Oppenheim’s use of fireworks, flares and machines as sculptural materials.
A New Reality
The Tetley’s inaugural programme ‘A ‘New Reality’, invites audiences to join artists in unraveling the history and future use of the former Tetley Brewery headquarters through a series of artist projects, exhibitions, events and residencies.

Part 1 of this 9-month programme features projects and exhibitions from artists Emma Rushton & Derek Tyman (Fear of the Surplus), James Clarkson, Simon Lewandowksi & Sam Belinfante, and Rehana Zaman.

‘A New Reality’ launches The Tetley as a permanent contemporary art space, taking the theme of ‘labour’, the telling of overlooked or fading history, and the cyclical process of change, as starting points for the space’s transformation. An intergenerational mix of contemporary artists have been invited to create cross-disciplinary interventions that are sensitive to the site’s past.

Wednesday 6 November 2013 Art Walk Schedule

5.30 pm Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery Chen Man
6.00 pm Leeds College of Art Library Garry Barker: Ekphrasis
6.45 pm The Majestic Melvin Moti: Hyperspace
Meet at the entrance to Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery at 5.30 pm or join us at any of the venues along the way.
The Leeds Art Walk is a monthly tour of exhibitions in Leeds programmed by Pavilion and artist Amelia Crouch. The event aims to introduce art-lovers to the diverse range of visual arts offerings in Leeds. Each month the schedule includes three exhibitions which are introduced by an artist or curator.
The Leeds Art Walk takes place the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all. Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance for more information if required.Contact or 0113 343 2718
More about the exhibitions:
Chen Man

Chen Man is one of the most well-known female Chinese photographers of the 21st century. Best known for her work as a fashion photographer, Chen Man has shot covers for various eminent magazines, including Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar, i-D and Wallpaper, as well as headlining advertising campaigns for luxury brands such as Chanel, MAC, Dior and Shiseido.

Chen Man’s images juxtapose old and new, real and imaginary, ordinary and ideal; mixing modern cityscapes and historical buildings with street culture, animation, sci-fi and pop references. Her images are often
heavily manipulated and involve painstaking and complex layers of post-production.

This exhibition will include pieces from Chen Man’s 2008, Young Pioneers Series; a body of work which offers a photographical reflection on the accomplishments of modern China and a simultaneous comment on its rapid rate of development: A phenomenon which parallels Chen Man’s own rise to fame. The power and poignancy of this work lies in her ability to understand people’s desires and to visualise them through her striking images. Occupying a space between art and commerce, her images capture the personalities and attitudes of a new generation of Chinese.


A Library Intervention by Garry Barker

“The weight of fiction is a hidden burden that all artists must carry. This exhibition is designed to explore these fictions in physical form. Books are physical, metaphysical and imaginary concepts, they can be materials for art works as well as repositories for them. The interplay between the visual and the written is historically understood as a type of ekphrasis, it can also lead to a return to reading whilst thinking about making”. Garry Barker

Taking place in the Library at Leeds College of Art, artist myths, stereotypes and preconceptions are drawn together as a library of possible readings. The work consists of a bookcase that has been set aside and dedicated to art and artists in fiction.


The Majestic reopens as a silent picture house for screenings of a new 35mm film, titled The Eightfold Dot, by Dutch artist Melvin Moti. Sited in the frenetic city centre, Moti’s film offers viewers the chance to contemplate the fourth dimension: a geometrical space beyond human experience.

A transcendental fantasy from the turn of last century, the idea of the fourth dimension preoccupied writers, artists, theosophists and mathematicians. Moti’s 24-minute silent film is a narrative – about a dot, line, square, cube and hypercube – that moves from the symmetrical atomic structure of crystals to the outer most edges of our universe. From shadows to solids, The Eightfold Dotseeks a visual language with which to render obscure phenomena perceptible as a projected moving image.

Friday 4 October 2013 – Special Light Night Art Walk

Apologies for the late posting of details about October’s Art Walk. The first week of October is a busy one for Pavilion, so after some umming and ahhing we have decided not to host a a walk on the first Wednesday of the month. Instead we are running a walk as part of the fantastic Light Night event on Friday 4th. So if you haven’t been to Light Night before, or you simply fancy experiencing some of its delights with other walkers then come and join us.

Friday 4 October 2013 Art Walk Schedule

Meet outside Leeds Grand Theatre at 5.30pm.

5.30 pm Howard Assembly Rooms: The Sea Interludes
6.00 pm St John’s Church David Bridges: Three Floating Forms
6.30 pm Leeds City Museum Phase Revival: An Optical Harmonica
7.00 pm Leeds Town Hall Pavilion presents Harold Offeh’s Pinatopia & Mount Folly.

Light Night is a programme of free art events for one night only that aims to shine a new light on the city of Leeds. There are events all around the city from 5pm until late. Full details can be found at:

The Leeds Art Walk is a monthly tour of exhibitions in Leeds led by Pavilion and artist Amelia Crouch. For more information please contact or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions/events:

The Sea Interludes

For Light Night 2013 and as part of Opera North’s Festival of Britten, the high tide sweeps Benjamin Britten’s Four Sea Interludes into the Howard Assembly Room. Visitors are immersed in the sounds of the sea via a surround-sound recording of The Orchestra of Opera North.

A small flotilla of sailboats sailing across the floor provides the perfect environment in which to settle in and listen. The sails are filled with short films full of the bluster and billow of the sea. Inspired by Phyllida Lloyd’s production of Peter Grimes, these are images of the real northern seas: the fish-markets, coastlines and lifeboat crews of Grimsby and Whitby.

Three Floating Forms

This site-specific installation comprises a triptych of suspended sculptural forms, video projection and light, created by artist Dave Bridges.

An Optical Harmonica

Phase Revival: An Optical Harmonica is a hypnotic, kinetic installation using swinging pendulums, lenses and light to explore the effects of phase and oscillation.

Pinatopia & Mount Folly

Harold Offeh’s Pinatopia & Mount Folly is an ostentatious display of wealth and power, with roots in empire and capitalism, centred on the pineapple as a status symbol in the eighteenth century. Through a playful spectacle, reminiscent of Carmen Miranda’s exuberant carnivalesque performance in The Gang’s All Here (1943), Offeh exchanges the modern banana for the baroque pineapple that was historically grown in hothouses at Leeds’ Temple Newsam House. A processional walk, celebrating the ‘the king of fruit’ historically grown in hothouse at Temple Newsam, will start outside Leeds Town Hall at 7pm.

Wednesday 4 September Art Walk Schedule 2013


5.30 pm Meet outside Corn Exchange
5.40 pm blip blip blip Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
6.15 pm Leeds Gallery SUN Awards 25
6.45 pm Mexico to-morrow or to-day

Meet outside the Corn Exchange at 5.30 or join us at any of the venues along the way

The Leeds Art Walk is a monthly tour of exhibitions in Leeds led by Pavilion and artist Amelia Crouch. The Leeds Art Walk takes place on the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all. Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance for more information.

Contact: or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! brings together 24 audio works that have been made for, or repurposed to be played in a 45 minute time period. Structured to play two works back to back each day, a duration of 90 minutes, the exhibition references the two halves and two sides in a football match. Although the participants appear to be matched against one another, the order in which the works are played out has been selected randomly – adopting the method used in a football tournament, pulling balls out of a hat – and most importantly, there is no system in place that one might determine a winner.

SUN Awards 25

The SUN awards showcase and reward the best in professional photography. It does this through an annual judged competition, the showcase sun exhibition, with allied events and seminars highlighting photography generated in the Northern regions of the UK, within the disciplines of advertising, design, fashion and editorial.

The 25th SUN awards is an exhibition of the 50 finalists chosen by an independent panel drawn from key figures in the industry. This year’s judging panel includes Leeds photographer Peter Mitchell. The winners are to be announced at a special event on Thursday 12th September. 

to-morrow or to-day

An exhibition co-curated with Belgium based curator Jasper de Pagie. The exhibition will feature nine artists, five based in Leeds and four based in Gent to exhibit in an exhibition occurring simultaneously in both cities. The exhibition will take place in Mexico, Leeds and Soscastoa, Ghent, a gallery in Belgium focusing on young and emerging artists from the region.

By exhibiting the work of these artists from these two cities at the same time does not necessarily mean a complete or fundamental representation but gives a notion of a greater whole; everything is always placed in the world, and set in a specific time

Including work by: Simeon Barclay, Sven Boel, Amelia Crouch, Jack Fisher, Joris de Rycke, Lana Schneider. Sander van Raemdonck, Jenny West, James Woolley.

Wednesday 7 August 2013 Art Walk Schedule

5.30 Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery FUAM Graduate Art Prize Show 
6.15 & Model Notes for a Pretty Brutal Library
6.45 Henry Moore Institute Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture
Meet at 5.30 at Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, inside the Parkinson Building at Leeds University. Or join in at the venues on the way. Leeds Art Walk is free and open to all, no booking required. However accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance for more information if required.

Contact or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions

FUAM Graduate Art Prize
New student prize and special exhibition showcasing new talent from the BA finalists at the School of Design and the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, supported by FUAM. The selected artists, in the running for the prize ,are Akeelah Bertram, Elizabeth Charnock, Kim Diamond and Ellen Lapper.

Notes for a Pretty Brutal Library

Pretty Brutal Library (2013) is a temporary public reference library, produced as an artwork in the format of a solo gallery show. It repurposes the ground floor of the Gallery as an ad hoc reading room in which are presented ten free-to-handle books by ten different authors. Each of these books differently explores what it might mean to write about speaking in the twenty-first century.

Each book confronts the old and new forces that function under the surface of language to objectify speaking and the spoken, be it for better or for worse. Each book has been authored by someone who has taken the double risk of calling that exploration poetic and making it public in print.

Bracing the library will be a doubled doublet, The Matter (2013) that Thurston composed with American poet Kim Rosenfield. The tension in this two-part wall text charges the exhibition: This is a library about the brute material of words and the brutal material of worlds.

In association with the Hannah Mitchell Foundation, free copies of a new print work by Thurston featuring his collaboration with Rosenfield, Notes for a Pretty Brutal Library, first commissioned by Andrew Wilson for the Hannah Festival (June 2013), will be available from the Gallery.

Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture

Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture pairs four key twentieth-century sculptures by Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-96), Hans Haacke (b. 1936), Andy Warhol (1928-87) and Robert Smithson (1938-73) with a series of ancient objects including Neolithic jades, a yet to be named mineral, fragments of Roman sculpture and a collection of eoliths. Each pairing explores how objects resist the origins, names and histories humans accord to them. Each of these American artists made radical shifts in the understanding of what sculpture might be, using acts of naming and rethinking ways of displaying artworks. The ancient objects, all held in museum collections, challenge boundaries of classification, their histories and meanings ambiguous and unknown.