Wednesday 5 February 2014 Art Walk schedule

5.30pm Village Bookstore & Gallery Our House
6.00pm & Model Crossing Lines
6.45pm The Tetley The Reversing Machine
Meet outside the Corn Exchange at 5.30pm or join us at any venues along the way.
The Leeds Art Walk takes place the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all, no booking necessary.  Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance if required.

Contact or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions:
Our House
OUR HOUSE is a multi disciplinary exhibition curated by SPUR featuring artists from Leeds, London, America and The Netherlands creating a physical intervention that seeks to subliminally take control of the space.

Launching on the same night, SPUR’S second publication ‘Collection Of’. The publication includes 13 editioned artist prints, a cassette, and a text based zine, featuring the work of local and international artists

Crossing Lines
The sixteen artists presented by Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hanz Hancock in Crossing Lines all share reductive, formal, or non-objective approaches to image making. With roots in early 20th century Modernism, reductive abstraction has long been a strong undercurrent running counter to the dominant conceptual movements of the last thirty years or more. The early 21st century has seen a return to and re- examination of the non-objective in contemporary art, and this exhibition is situated within the context of that renewed interest.

The artists in Crossing Lines, some already internationally established and some newly emerging, all make work that explores the continuing relevance and potential of the non-objective image.

Additionally, in a number of Parallel Lines of enquiry, &Model has introduced additional works alongside and amongst the Crossing Lines exhibition, acting as an ‘interruption’, a re-framing device that extends the context.

The Reversing Machine

The Reversing Machine is an exhibition designed by artists Sam Belinfante and Simon Lewandowski. At the exhibition’s core is the machine itself; a self-reversing mechanical power source.  Any object attached will turn at a steady rate for a set time, then stop and be set into reverse – a mechanical palindrome.

Commissioned by Art Laboratory Berlin in 2012, the machine has expanded into an ongoing research project. For their contribution to A New Reality at The Tetley, Belinfante and Lewandowski reconstruct this collective work, incorporating fresh elements in response to the new venue. They have also developed individual works which reflect on their collaboration and on the concerns that generated The Reversing Machine. These include Accordion a new two-part film by Belinfante shot on 16mm film and SETTER a palindromic multiple by Lewandowski.


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