Wednesday 6 November 2013 Art Walk Schedule

5.30 pm Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery Chen Man
6.00 pm Leeds College of Art Library Garry Barker: Ekphrasis
6.45 pm The Majestic Melvin Moti: Hyperspace
Meet at the entrance to Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery at 5.30 pm or join us at any of the venues along the way.
The Leeds Art Walk is a monthly tour of exhibitions in Leeds programmed by Pavilion and artist Amelia Crouch. The event aims to introduce art-lovers to the diverse range of visual arts offerings in Leeds. Each month the schedule includes three exhibitions which are introduced by an artist or curator.
The Leeds Art Walk takes place the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all. Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance for more information if required.Contact or 0113 343 2718
More about the exhibitions:
Chen Man

Chen Man is one of the most well-known female Chinese photographers of the 21st century. Best known for her work as a fashion photographer, Chen Man has shot covers for various eminent magazines, including Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar, i-D and Wallpaper, as well as headlining advertising campaigns for luxury brands such as Chanel, MAC, Dior and Shiseido.

Chen Man’s images juxtapose old and new, real and imaginary, ordinary and ideal; mixing modern cityscapes and historical buildings with street culture, animation, sci-fi and pop references. Her images are often
heavily manipulated and involve painstaking and complex layers of post-production.

This exhibition will include pieces from Chen Man’s 2008, Young Pioneers Series; a body of work which offers a photographical reflection on the accomplishments of modern China and a simultaneous comment on its rapid rate of development: A phenomenon which parallels Chen Man’s own rise to fame. The power and poignancy of this work lies in her ability to understand people’s desires and to visualise them through her striking images. Occupying a space between art and commerce, her images capture the personalities and attitudes of a new generation of Chinese.


A Library Intervention by Garry Barker

“The weight of fiction is a hidden burden that all artists must carry. This exhibition is designed to explore these fictions in physical form. Books are physical, metaphysical and imaginary concepts, they can be materials for art works as well as repositories for them. The interplay between the visual and the written is historically understood as a type of ekphrasis, it can also lead to a return to reading whilst thinking about making”. Garry Barker

Taking place in the Library at Leeds College of Art, artist myths, stereotypes and preconceptions are drawn together as a library of possible readings. The work consists of a bookcase that has been set aside and dedicated to art and artists in fiction.


The Majestic reopens as a silent picture house for screenings of a new 35mm film, titled The Eightfold Dot, by Dutch artist Melvin Moti. Sited in the frenetic city centre, Moti’s film offers viewers the chance to contemplate the fourth dimension: a geometrical space beyond human experience.

A transcendental fantasy from the turn of last century, the idea of the fourth dimension preoccupied writers, artists, theosophists and mathematicians. Moti’s 24-minute silent film is a narrative – about a dot, line, square, cube and hypercube – that moves from the symmetrical atomic structure of crystals to the outer most edges of our universe. From shadows to solids, The Eightfold Dotseeks a visual language with which to render obscure phenomena perceptible as a projected moving image.


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