Wednesday 4 September Art Walk Schedule 2013


5.30 pm Meet outside Corn Exchange
5.40 pm blip blip blip Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
6.15 pm Leeds Gallery SUN Awards 25
6.45 pm Mexico to-morrow or to-day

Meet outside the Corn Exchange at 5.30 or join us at any of the venues along the way

The Leeds Art Walk is a monthly tour of exhibitions in Leeds led by Pavilion and artist Amelia Crouch. The Leeds Art Walk takes place on the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all. Accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance for more information.

Contact: or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! brings together 24 audio works that have been made for, or repurposed to be played in a 45 minute time period. Structured to play two works back to back each day, a duration of 90 minutes, the exhibition references the two halves and two sides in a football match. Although the participants appear to be matched against one another, the order in which the works are played out has been selected randomly – adopting the method used in a football tournament, pulling balls out of a hat – and most importantly, there is no system in place that one might determine a winner.

SUN Awards 25

The SUN awards showcase and reward the best in professional photography. It does this through an annual judged competition, the showcase sun exhibition, with allied events and seminars highlighting photography generated in the Northern regions of the UK, within the disciplines of advertising, design, fashion and editorial.

The 25th SUN awards is an exhibition of the 50 finalists chosen by an independent panel drawn from key figures in the industry. This year’s judging panel includes Leeds photographer Peter Mitchell. The winners are to be announced at a special event on Thursday 12th September. 

to-morrow or to-day

An exhibition co-curated with Belgium based curator Jasper de Pagie. The exhibition will feature nine artists, five based in Leeds and four based in Gent to exhibit in an exhibition occurring simultaneously in both cities. The exhibition will take place in Mexico, Leeds and Soscastoa, Ghent, a gallery in Belgium focusing on young and emerging artists from the region.

By exhibiting the work of these artists from these two cities at the same time does not necessarily mean a complete or fundamental representation but gives a notion of a greater whole; everything is always placed in the world, and set in a specific time

Including work by: Simeon Barclay, Sven Boel, Amelia Crouch, Jack Fisher, Joris de Rycke, Lana Schneider. Sander van Raemdonck, Jenny West, James Woolley.


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