Wednesday 7 August 2013 Art Walk Schedule

5.30 Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery FUAM Graduate Art Prize Show 
6.15 & Model Notes for a Pretty Brutal Library
6.45 Henry Moore Institute Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture
Meet at 5.30 at Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, inside the Parkinson Building at Leeds University. Or join in at the venues on the way. Leeds Art Walk is free and open to all, no booking required. However accessibility of venues varies so please contact us in advance for more information if required.

Contact or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions

FUAM Graduate Art Prize
New student prize and special exhibition showcasing new talent from the BA finalists at the School of Design and the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, supported by FUAM. The selected artists, in the running for the prize ,are Akeelah Bertram, Elizabeth Charnock, Kim Diamond and Ellen Lapper.

Notes for a Pretty Brutal Library

Pretty Brutal Library (2013) is a temporary public reference library, produced as an artwork in the format of a solo gallery show. It repurposes the ground floor of the Gallery as an ad hoc reading room in which are presented ten free-to-handle books by ten different authors. Each of these books differently explores what it might mean to write about speaking in the twenty-first century.

Each book confronts the old and new forces that function under the surface of language to objectify speaking and the spoken, be it for better or for worse. Each book has been authored by someone who has taken the double risk of calling that exploration poetic and making it public in print.

Bracing the library will be a doubled doublet, The Matter (2013) that Thurston composed with American poet Kim Rosenfield. The tension in this two-part wall text charges the exhibition: This is a library about the brute material of words and the brutal material of worlds.

In association with the Hannah Mitchell Foundation, free copies of a new print work by Thurston featuring his collaboration with Rosenfield, Notes for a Pretty Brutal Library, first commissioned by Andrew Wilson for the Hannah Festival (June 2013), will be available from the Gallery.

Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture

Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture pairs four key twentieth-century sculptures by Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-96), Hans Haacke (b. 1936), Andy Warhol (1928-87) and Robert Smithson (1938-73) with a series of ancient objects including Neolithic jades, a yet to be named mineral, fragments of Roman sculpture and a collection of eoliths. Each pairing explores how objects resist the origins, names and histories humans accord to them. Each of these American artists made radical shifts in the understanding of what sculpture might be, using acts of naming and rethinking ways of displaying artworks. The ancient objects, all held in museum collections, challenge boundaries of classification, their histories and meanings ambiguous and unknown.


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