Wednesday 6 March 2013 Art Walk Schedule

Last month we went to a new gallery – &Model – and this month we are visiting another new gallery – XO. Exciting stuff! Plus this month we are finishing the walk at an exhibition launch. The recently relocated blip blip blip is now housed within East Street Arts’, Patrick Studios building. On the 6 March they are launching their ‘Interim’ exhibition so come along and join us, and them, for a drink to finish off the walk.

5.30 pm XO An Arrangement in White
6.10 pm Leeds Gallery The Yorkshire Artists (Part 4)
6.45 pm blip blip blip Interim (exhibition launch)

Meet at XO (34 Kirkgate) at 5.30 pm or join us at any of the venues along the way.

A map of all the venues can be found here.

The Leeds Art Walk is a monthly tour of exhibitions in Leeds led by Pavilion and artist Amelia Crouch. The Leeds Art Walk takes place on the first Wednesday of every month and is free and open to all.

For more information please contact or 0113 343 2718

More about the exhibitions

An Arrangement in White

This debut XO exhibition attempts to study our relationship with the colour white and the significance that such a simple distinction can retain. Within the gallery, white creates an immersive space away from mundane distractions that promotes clear vision and thought.

Works within An Arrangement in White include Ryan Gander’s This Consequence, a white Adidas tracksuit with embroidered bloodstain in red, worn by a member of XO during opening times; Graham Gussin’s Dark Corner 2002, a Trompe-l’œil made from ultra matt black paint, painted in the corner of the space; David Steans’ The Lord Cufflington, a hand painted pub sign accompanying Steans’ ghost story of the same title; Harry Meadley’s Where the Magic Happens, a steel model of an architectural anomaly observed in the artists’ bedroom and painted in the host gallery’s white wall paint; and Kitty Clark’s Lucky, a new work made from MDF & resin based on a miniature bowl of milk tipping on a shelf.

Full list of artists: Jeffrey Baij / Garry Barker / Simon Boase / John Bohl / Cath Campbell / Toby Christian / Kitty Clark / Jay Cover / Caroline Dawson / Pete Ellis / Andreas Ervik / Alex Farrar / Jack Fisher / Ryan Gander / Graham Gussin / Verity Hatfield / James Hines / Penny Klepuszewska / Damien Knightley / Rory Macbeth / Harry Meadley / Andreas Meinich / Briony Mullan / Richard Paul / Tom Railton / Alexis Rago / Simon Ringe / Tai Shani / David Steans / Rachel Westerman /

The Yorkshire Artists (Part 4)

The Yorkshire Artists (Part 4) is a celebration of work from 5 contemporary artists who are all either living or working in Yorkshire.

This exhibition is a continuation of the series of group shows started in 2012 with the intention of allowing new and upcoming artists to exhibit alongside more established names. Shows will continue throughout 2013, with the fifth installment later this year.

YA4 features work from Graeme Willson, Kate Johnson, Patrick Bew, Paul Digby and Ian Thompson.


Interim is an exhibition open to all current penultimate year BA Fine Art students at British art schools who have previously completed their foundation course at Leeds College of Art.

Including work by: Doug Bowen, Stacey Broadbent, Eve Matthews, Jennifer Morgan, Aphra O’Connor, Geraldine Snell, Natascha Young. Selected by Lisa Le Feuvre & Paul Rooney.


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