Wednesday 7 December 2011 Art Walk Schedule

5.30 pm Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery The Sadler Gift

6.00 pm Wild Pansy Press Project Space The Multistand – Nehman Sie Doch die Blaue Pille! by Barbara Ryan

6.30 pm Leeds Art Gallery Northern Art Prize

7.00 pm Henry Moore Institute United Enemies
Meet at Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, inside Leeds University Parkinson building at 5.30pm. For more information please contact or 0113 343 2718.
This month the total length of the walk is approximately 1 mile.
More about the exhibitions
The Sadler Gift
Celebrating 100 years since Michael Sadler’s Vice Chancellorship and highlighting his pivotal role in the development of the University Art Collection, this exhibition explores his legacy by showing the key moments in British art represented in the collection.
The Multistand – Nehman Sie Doch die Blaue Pille!

Barbara Ryan is an artist, writer, perfumier and neurolinguistics researcher, based in England and the former German Democratic Republic. Her recent work explores the nature of synaesthesic perception of time, space and her olfactory to colour cross wiring modalities.

The Multistand will be in residence within the Wild Pansy’s ‘Magnolia Room and is the portal for ‘Time Junkies’ everywhere: Part Pharmacy, part Imbiss and part Library; ‘The Multistand’ invites you to take The Blue Pill as opposed to The Red; The Blue Pill being the Synaesthesic Key to Time and Memory – Past and Future. The Multistand warns that the Red Pill, like the infamous ‘Red Shoes’ will only lead you back to a contrived and delusional virtuality.

The Northern Art Prize

Exhibition presenting the work of four artists; Liadin Cooke, Leo Fitzmaurice, James Hugonin and Richard Rigg, shortlisted for this years’ Northern Art Prize.

United Enemies

United Enemies examines the problem of sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s, presenting work by over fifty artists made in a period when the very idea of sculpture was radically contested.


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