Wednesday 2nd March Art Walk Schedule

A slightly longer art walk than usual this month includes a screening of Paul Rooney’s ‘Thin Air’ from 6-7pm. This is a 60 minute long audio-visual work for which we will be seated.

Following an this, and an introduction to the Young Curators exhibition, we will walk down to PSL for the launch of ‘Yesterday’s Enemies’. Here we will be rewarded for our long walk,  joining Exposure Leeds (who are hosting the event) for drinks and a chance to view the exhibition from 7.30-8.00pm.

5.30 pm Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery Virtually Real
6.00 pm Broadcasting Place (Leeds Met Gallery) Paul Rooney: Thin Air N.B. this is a 60 mins screening in ground floor classroom.
7.00 pm Broadcasting Place (Leeds Met Gallery) Young Curators: Reduction 7.30 pm Project Space Leeds Michael Brohm: Yesterday’s Enemies

( ‘The Stag and Hound’ by Dutton & Swindell’s will also be viewable at PSL but we will be returning to this next month for an introductory talk)

For more information contact Gill at Pavilion
T > 0113 242 5100
E >

Booking is not essential but it does help us estimate numbers.

More on the exhibitions

Virtually Real

Contemporary artists explore the illusion of space, using different methodologies and media to confound or exemplify realism.

In a visual culture where digital photography and CGI create disposable and instantly digestible spaces, this exhibition brings together work that questions and subverts the representation of space in art and everyday life.

Virtually Real, a group exhibition of nine important contemporary artists, will venture beyond the traditional spatial realism of paintings and the flattened panes and spaces of modernism, by focussing on the illusion of space, a central aesthetic concern throughout the canon of art history, with new methods and approaches.

The artists participating are Petros Chrisostomou, Bruce Ingram, Grant Miller, James Moore, Suzanne Moxhay, Jamie Tiller, Julia Willms, Simon Woolham and Dawn Woolley.

Guest curated by ‘Another Product.’

Thin Air (60 mins screening, ground floor Broadcasting Place)

Part academic lecture, part science-fiction story, Thin Air uses the remarkable legacy of ex-student Alan Smithson to excavate real and imagined histories trapped inside Leeds Metropolitan University’s H Building as it faces demolition. Throughout the 1970s, Smithson undertook an extensive sonic study of H Building claiming that the recordings of distant voices he had made in its empty rooms were the remnants of the radical, eventful and tragic episodes that had taken place there. Drawing on Smithson’s recordings and diaries, Dr Annette Gomperts reveals how his findings correlate with specific historical moments in the life of individual students, the site of the building, and the wider world.


Young Curators is Leeds Met Gallery and Studio Theatre’s annual programme that gives 16-19 year olds a practical introduction to curating. This exhibition is the result of nine months of gallery visits, conversations with curators, arts professionals and each other.

Initially inspired by the Save the Arts campaign, which was lead by artists including David Shrigley, Cornelia Parker and Mark Wallinger, the Young Curators put out a call for art works relating to the provocation A World Without Art. Since this call they have been challenged by changes to education and student fees, participated in protests and talked about the effects these changes may have on their futures. Voicing their concerns about the potential erosion of the art scene, they have selected works reflecting the related themes of commercialism, value and loss.

Leeds Met Young Curators are: Harry van de Bospoort, Livvy Murdoch, Annie Prosho, Kizzy Strodder and Ana Baptista.

Yesterday’s enemies
A documentary photography project by Michel Brohm.

An exhibition produced in collaboration by Exposure Leeds and Leeds City Council’s International relations office with artist Michael Brohm from Leeds’ partner city Louisiville, Kentucky.


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