5 August 2009 (Photo) Art Walk Schedule

This month we are running the art walk in collaboration with Exposure Leeds photography group  (http://exposureleeds.org/). Participants from Exposure Leeds will be bringing along cameras and snapping away during the walk, including some set activities. If you’d like to join in then please bring a camera. If you simply want to walk as usual then that’s fine too!

17:30 – Pavilion: Andy Lock: Lost Horizons.

17:50 – Wonderwood: public art installation in Holbeck Urban Village.

18:15 – PSL [Project Space Leeds]: Town & Country and Jerwood Contemporary Painters.

19:00 – Leeds Art Gallery: British Surrealism in Contcxt: A Collector’s Eye

Meet at Pavilion.

For more information contact Gill Howard: 0113 242 5100 or gill@pavilion.org.uk.

More about the exhibitions:

Andy Lock: Lost Horizons

Lost Horizons depicts the most marginal of spaces, populated by equally marginal objects: small, cheaply made toy animals, collected from garage sales, flea-markets and antique malls. The photographs present scenes reminiscent of childhood myth-making and play, the worn edge of a table becomes a horizon line and a painted panel creates a turbulent sky. The beauty of these apparently trivial images is at odds with the sheer insignificance of their contents.


Wonderwood, a new temporary art+park in Holbeck Urban Village, designed to turn a wasteland into a wonderwood, for use all summer by the local community. The site was earmarked for the development, but since the recession bit, was left idle…until a fleet of wide-eyed rabbits and some other kitsch accompaniments turned up to transform this patch.

Town & Country

Town and Country is a collaboration between Project Space Leeds and Harewood House Trust exploring issues around the urban and the rural based on the relationship between the two sites and notions of migration. Featuring works by Susan Collins, Justine Gaunt, Pippa Hale, Kerry Harker, Diane Howse, Nous Vous and Simon Warner.

Jerwood Contemporary Painters

PSL hosts this year’s Jerwood Contemporary Painters exhibition during its national tour. This year’s vibrant collection of twenty six emerging artists exhibit one work each. The exhibition offers an exciting opportunity to emerging artists who are at a particular stage in their development, falling between student and recognised artist status; all have graduated since 2000.

British Surrealism in Context: A Collector’s Eye

The Ruth and Jeffrey Sherwin collection is probably Leeds largest private collection. An exhibition of Surrealist Art in 1986, held at Leeds City Art Gallery, triggered Sherwin’s interest in Surrealist works and started his collecting in earnest.

The exhibition will look into different aspects of his collecting, his process and chronology of collecting and the reasons for acquiring works of art.  An integral part of his collecting is the forming of groups by either acquiring works of art of the same subject matter but executed in different media, visual connections or related material.

The different artistic and chronological approaches to related subject matter offer fresh views. The works in the collection establish formal and thematic relationships.


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