1st April 2009 Art Walk schedule

Join us for the third Leeds Art Walk on Wednesday 1st April.


17:30 – Pavilion: Kevin Newark: Protoplasm
18:00 – Project Space Leeds: Morphic Resonance
18:30 – arts@trinity: NCND
19:00 – The Henry Moore Institute: Asta Groting Sculpture

Meet at Pavilion, 7 Saw Mill Yard, Leeds, LS11 7WH. Saw Mill Yard is on Saw Mill Street, off Water Lane, a 5-10 minute walk from Leeds train station.

For more information contact Amelia Crouch: ameliacrouch@projectspaceleeds.org.uk, tel: 07930 236383 or Ruth Haycock: ruth@pavilion.org.uk, tel: 0113 242 5100.

More about the exhibitions:

Protoplasm – Kevin Newark

Protoplasm presents a series of discarded plastic carrier bags found in the canals of East London. In photographing these objects Newark looked to
find solace for the exiled soul of the plastic bag.

Morphic Resonance

An experimental project for PSL by artists and artist collectives nominated by artist-led spaces from across the North of England. For the first 6 weeks artists will be using PSL as an extended studio space, working towards an exhibition from 13th May. The project examines the urge amongst artists to control the dissemination and production of art.


Artists Oliver Salmon and Tom Pearson set about creating an entirely audio installation within Holy Trinity Church; taking as their starting point encrypted messages that have been broadcast between the frequencies since World War Two. Like voices from a long forgotten past salmon and Pearson will be filling the church with sound both pre-recorded and live utilising suspended radio receivers and transmitters.

Asta Gröting Sculpture: 1987-2008

Twenty years ago Asta Gröting’s glass sculptures of human entrails caused a stir and were exhibited all over Europe. Twenty years later, after a ten-year period working across other media, Gröting is again making objects. This exhibition is not only her first solo show in the UK, but also the first retrospective of the sculptural production of this highly individualistic artist.

This exhibition features pieces selected by Gröting herself, from both the early and latter parts of her career to date. Together in a gallery the works look at first like mysterious props left scattered across a stage, as if they might have a role within a larger and unspecified narrative. From early works about the interior of the human body – for instance the enormously enlarged inner ear of her ‘Orientierungsapparat’ [Orientation Device] – to later works expressive of how the outside of the body connects to its interior – such as the recently completed ‘Space in between two people having sex’ – there is a constant thread which is all about the thinking body. Other recent works, including ‘Acker’ [Soil], ‘Kartoffeln’ [Potatoes] and ‘Feuerstelle’ [Fireplace], return the viewer to the basic conditions necessary for human survival: earth, food and warmth.


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